man Michael TRACY‏‎
Born ‎± 1812 Ireland, died ‎1 Jun 1874 Raymond Twp, Stearns Co, MN‎, approximately 62 years
The "Tracy" name seems to disappear in the Gatineau valley after the 1861 census. Michael arrived in Canada from Ireland about 1832.

Married/ Related to:

woman Ann ROONEY‏‎, daughter of Michael ROONEY and Catherine CAULFIELD‏.
Born ‎1818 Ireland, died ‎1897 Stearns County, Minnesota‎, 78 or 79 years


man Michael TRACY‏‎
Born ‎1838 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎± 1862 United States‎, approximately 24 years
The 1851 census of Canada says he was 14 when taken, which would make his birth year about 1836 rather than 1838.

Michael died in the Civil War. However, the Civil War records haven't been found.

There are only two Michael Tracy's who died in the Civil War with death records. The closest is Michael Tracy born in 1837 in Bangor, Maine and died 19 August 1863 at the G H Baton Rouge, La Convalescent facility, and buried the same day in the national cemetery there. He was a private enlisted in Company K of the 14th Maine V regiment. There's another Michael Tracy, died 19 October 1864 in the Civil War and buried in the Winchester National Cemetery in Virginia. There are many other Michael Tracy's who enlisted in New York, and a few who enlisted in Maine.
woman Ellen TRACY‏
Born ‎9 Jan 1840 Wakefield, Quebec, Canada, died ‎13 sep 1920 Wakefield, Quebec, Canada‎, 80 years
The 1851 census of Canada has Ellen's age as 12, which would make her born in approximately 1838. It could be 1839 but not 1840.

We believe that Matthew Morris was not related to John Morris, the husband of Bridget Tracy.

The Cantley Catholic St Elizabeth cemetery was first built in 1868. It is located approximately 10 miles southeast of Wakefield. It's address is: 47 St. Elizabeth Road, Cantley, Les Collines-de-l'Outaouais R egional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada.
woman Mary TRACY‏
Born ‎Oct 1842 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎after 1910 Pope, Minnesota, USA‎, at least 68 years
The 1851 census of Canada shows that Mary was 9 years old, making her born in approximately 1842. Catherine is 7 in that census, so Mary is two years older.
woman Catherine TRACY‏‎
Born ‎Feb 1843 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎20 Jan 1902 Fergus, Fergus, Montana, USA‎, 58 years
Catherine is 7 years old (b. ~ 1844) in the 1851 census of Canada, and two years younger than Mary. The 1880 census (U.S., Raymond Township, Stearns County) says she's 35, which would make her born about 1845. But then, Joseph and Patrick were born in 1845. No documentation has been found beyond the 1880 census, though others seem to have found death information, and they have her birth date as March 20, 1843 as well.
man Joseph P TRACY‏‎
Born ‎May 1844 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎14 Apr 1905 Padua, Stearns Co, MN‎, 60 years
Joe was a bachelor.
man Patrick J TRACY‏
Born ‎9 Dec 1845 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎4 Jun 1903 Sauk Centre, Stearns Co, MN‎, 57 years
Pat moved to Alaska at one point.
woman Anne TRACY‏
Born ‎sep 1849 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎23 Aug 1932 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA‎, 82 years
woman Bridget Elizabeth TRACY‏
Born ‎21 Aug 1851 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada, died ‎9 Dec 1937 Fargo, Cass, North Dakota, USA‎, 86 years
The 1900 census - Tintah, Traverse County, says that she and her husband came to the U.S. from Canada in 1866.
man Hugh TRACY‏‎
Born ‎5 Apr 1853 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎10 Jul 1935 Seattle, King, Washington, USA‎, 82 years
Hugh was a bachelor.
woman Elizabeth TRACY‏‎
Born ‎7 Mar 1855 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎1871 Raymond, Stearns, Minnesota, USA‎, 15 or 16 years
Eliza is in the 1871 census of Wakefield, Canada.
woman Sarah Margaret TRACY‏
Born ‎31 Dec 1857 Wakefield Twp, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada, died ‎13 sep 1910 Hobson, Judith Basin, Montana, USA‎, 52 years, buried ‎ Moore, Fergus, Montana
Sarah Tracy's husband, John Rooney, was a "double" first-cousin to her: Both her parents were siblings to his parents. She died in a TB asylum.

Sarah's Find-a-Grave says 1858 - September 13, 1910 - so a year off on both birth and death based on the gravestone. But the actual gravestone only gives her age, so the birth year is an estimate (and if born one day later it would have been 1858). The Montana death index gives her year of death as 1911. Her son Thomas S. Rooney, who died in 1916, is buried with the same grave marker.
man Thomas J TRACY‏‎
Born ‎1 Jan 1860 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada, died ‎3 Mar 1926 Seattle, King, Washington, USA‎, 66 years
Thomas spent time in Alaska.