man Charles Russell GALLAGHER‏‎, son of Daniel GALLAGHER and Anna Clara ROONEY‏.
Born ‎21 Feb 1922 Sedan, Pope Co, MN, died ‎21 Aug 1997 Nevis, Hubbard County, Minnesota‎, 75 years
Baptismal Sponsors: John F Gallagher, M. Rooney.

In the 1940 census Charles is a farm hand with his aunt (or cousin) He len Swenson (m. William) Glieden in Grove Lake. His mother and siste r and stepfather are living in Minneapolis.

As best I can figure out: Charles and Margaret probably first marrie d in 1947. They divorced September 14, 1970. She then married Eugen e Henry Miller in South Dakota 12 days after her divorce was final. T hen she divorced him in 1977. Finally, Charles and Margaret remarrie d again November 14, 1983.

Married (divorced) to:

woman Margaret Laura ZIERHUT‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER