woman Mary Ann ROONEY‏‎, daughter of John ROONEY and Mary MCCOOL‏.
Born ‎6 Jan 1865 Wakefield Twsp, Gatineau Co, Quebec, Can, died ‎6 May 1937 Brooten, Stearns, Minnesota, USA‎, 72 years, buried ‎8 May 1937 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Mary died at age 72 of some sort of embolism.

Married ‎1883 Raymond Twsp, Stearns Co, MN (45 or 46 years married) to:

man Dennis EGAN‏‎
Born ‎Oct 1849 Wakefield, Quebec, Canada, died ‎25 Jun 1929 Raymond, Stearns, Minnesota, USA‎, 79 years, buried ‎25 Jun 1929 Padua, Stearns Co, MN. Occupations: ,
Dennis was born in Canada and came to the United States in 1864 when he was 15 years old. He married Mary Ann Rooney and they farmed in the Padua area until around 1920 when they moved to Brooten and purchased a home there. The farm, in 1997, was owned by Jerome and Harold Ebensteiner.

In the 1885 census (under the name Eagan), Dennis and Mary Ann are living with his father John in Raymond Township, Stearns County.

Dennis and Mary had one natural-born child, Lavinia, who died at age six weeks. They later adopted four children. Henry, Mary and Eleanor were taken off the orphan train out of New York. The other child was George Egan, a nephew, the son of Elizabeth and Thomas Egan. George, age 2, and Henry, age 10, both born in Minnesota, are with them in the 1895 census (under the name "Denis Eagen").

The 1910 census of Raymond Township, Stearns County, Minnesota: Dennis Egan was born in Canada and emigrated in 1865. His wife Mary A. emigrated in 1867. They had one child who died. Living with them are a nephew George Egan and a niece Inez E Egan and two adopted daughters from New York, their parents unknown. George's mother Elizabeth (Rooney) Egan, married to Thomas Edward Egan, died in 1904, and he then shows up in the 1905 and 1910 censuses of Raymond Township, Stearns county with Dennis and Mary Ann (Rooney) Egan.

Dennis was the brother of Annie Egan who married James Rooney.


woman Lavinia EGAN‏‎
Born ‎after 1883 Minnesota, died ‎before 1900 Minnesota‎, at most 17 years, buried ‎27 Jun 1889 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
man Henry D EGAN‏
Born ‎1885 Stearns County, Minnesota, died ‎between 1930 and 1940 Stearns County, Minnesota‎, 54 or 55 years, buried ‎ Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Henry is not the son of Dennis Egan, though he’s living with them Denn is and Mary Ann in 1905. The 1910 census indicates that Dennis and Ma ry Ann had one child who died. He is probably one of the “orphan trai n” adoptees, as were Mary and Eleanor.

Henry is living in North Fork Township, Stearns County with his wife a nd infant son in 1920. In the 1930 census they (along with a second s on and a boarder) are living in Raymond Township, Stearns county. I n the 1940 census, his wife is a widow.
woman Eleanor M EGAN‏
Born ‎1897 New York, died ‎after 1940 Minnesota‎, at least 43 years
Eleanor, along with Mary Emily, was probably one of the “orphan train ” adoptees. The 1920 census says she was born in Canada (as were he r parents, Dennis Egan and Mary Ann Rooney), but the 1910 census list s two Mary E Egan’s, both 13, both adopted, both born in New York. On e of course is Eleanor M (or Mary Eleanor), and the other is Mary Emil y.

In the 1940 census they are living in Nora Township, Clearwater County , Minnesota.
woman Mary Emily EGAN‏
Born ‎1897 New York, died ‎15 Jul 1990 Benton, Minnesota, USA‎, 92 or 93 years
Mary Emily was one of the "orphan train" adoptees. The 1910 census li ts two Mary E Egan's, both 13, both adopted, both born in New York. One of course is Eleanor M (or Mary Eleanor), and the other is Mary Emily. Her birth name was Richards.

Though not genetically an Egan or a Rooney, even though her "great grandfather" was Michael Rooney on the Padua side, she married William Edward Rooney whose great grandfather was John Rooney the Avon side. Thus by prior relationship they were 3rd cousins, but by consanguinity they were unrelated.