man Thomas Christopher MARTIN‏‎, son of William Joseph MARTIN and Catherine Bridget ROONEY‏.
Born ‎24 Dec 1878 Raymond Township, Stearns Co, MN, died ‎1 May 1955 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN‎, 76 years

Married ‎± 1909 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN (approximately 46 years married) to:

woman Margaret TOOMEY‏‎
Born ‎2 sep 1882 Brockway, Stearns, Minnesota, USA, died ‎between May 1950 and 1959 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN‎, 76 years
Margaret (Maggie) Toomey's brother George was still living in either the Lowe area of Canada or St. Joseph, Minnesota in the 1920s (Edna Tintes is not clear in her note). A number of Toomies did leave Lowe for Minnesota in about May of 1873, per the letter from John Martin, Sr. to his son William who was in Minnesota.

The name is spelled variously in Minnesota: Toomey, Twomey, Thomey, Toomie, Twomy, Twoney. The way it seems to be spelled in the 1900 census of Brockway, Stearns County is "Twoney," but it also easily looks like "Twomey." The family of Michael (b. Ireland) and Margareth (b. Wisconsin, maiden name Tuchner) have 9 kids, all born in Minnesota: Sarah (1878), Francis (1880), John (1881), Maggie (1882), Julia (1888), Edward (1891), Michael Jr. (1893), James (1896), George Ignatius (1898) .


man George Earl MARTIN‏‎
Born ‎20 Nov 1909 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, died ‎after 1940‎, at least 31 years
George is living with his parents in the 1940 Federal census on North Roy Street in St. Paul - same place they were in 1930. He has three years of college and is a laborer.

Interestingly, in the same city and zip code where his brother James K. died (El Cajon, CA 92021), there was a George Edward Martin, b. 28 Aug 1909 in Minnesota and died 17 Jun 1972 in El Cajon. However, the Minnesota birth index says his mother was Anderson and his county of birth Itasca and the day and month of birth is a few months different. And his gravestone inscription in the El Cajon cemetery says "father & friend," so he must have been married. So, similarities only.
woman Catherine Wilda MARTIN‏
Born ‎16 Jul 1911 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, died ‎24 Jul 1987 Ramsey County, Minnesota‎, 76 years
man Kermit James MARTIN‏‎
Born ‎29 Jul 1912 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, died ‎18 sep 1974 El Cajon, San Diego, California, USA‎, 62 years
Closest possibility: James K. Martin 29 July 1912 (Minnesota) - 18 Sep 1974 (San Diego, CA).
man John MARTIN‏‎
Born ‎1915 St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, died ‎before 2006‎, at most 91 years
John became a Christian brother. He was referred to in a 2006 obituary of his niece as "Brother Martin," having preceded her in death. The other uncles are not mentioned. So perhaps he lived quite a long time.