man James Henry MORRIS‏‎, son of John Joseph MORRIS and Bridget Elizabeth TRACY‏.
Born ‎8 Feb 1886 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA, died ‎21 Jan 1942 Naches, Yakima, Washington‎, 55 years
By the 1940 census, the kids are gone.

Married ‎11 Aug 1915 Phillips County, Montana (26 years married) to:

woman Bessie L PARKER‏‎
Born ‎1896 Lewiston, Montana


woman Pauline Virginia MORRIS‏
Born ‎1917 Zortman, Phillips, Montana, died ‎5 Mar 1946 Richmond Highlands, King, Washington‎, 28 or 29 years
Pauline divorced one or two out of maybe three husbands. I don’t kno w if she had kids.
man John R MORRIS‏
Born ‎14 Apr 1918 Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, USA, died ‎27 Nov 1959 Missoula, MT‎, 41 years
He was a bartender in Missoula and in engineering construction durin g WWII. I cannot find evidence of any kids. Curious that they’re buri ed in different cemeteries.