man John Lawrence MORRIS‏‎, son of John Joseph MORRIS and Bridget Elizabeth TRACY‏.
Born ‎Oct 1875 Minnesota, died ‎1955 Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon‎, 79 or 80 years
In 1900 John and his parents lived in Tintah, Traverse County, for a period of time. In 1910 John and his own family is in Hamerly, Renville County, North Dakota. In 1920 John is working in the iron mines in Irondale, Crow Wing County, Minnesota.

All seven of the children were in the St. James Orphanage in Duluth on January 10, 1920. In March of 1920, they're back with the family in Deerwood (same 1920 census, but two months apart). (The orphanage records, for example, get this exactly right: Genevieve M. Morris, age 12, born in Wisconsin, father in Minnesota, mother in Pennsylvania. And all her siblings are listed there.) Something catastrophic happened in the family.

Debora Jean Sargeant Morris says, August 14, 2016:

Now the problem of John Lawrence Morris and Margaret Tresea O'Connell family. Thank you for your 1920 census link as it worked. How interesting as I also found another orphanage listing in 1925 for four of the children.
Both 1920 census records for the children brings up a question to me about Cecelia Rose and her true age. I have a notarized birth statement given by Michael James Morris that he was present at the birth of his sister, Cecelia Rose Morris, child of John L Morris and Margaret O'Connell born in Sherwood North Dakota on the 21st day of April 1921. There are many different years in the records listed for her and at different periods she went by Cecelia Rose and Rose Cecelia as I knew her. She was married to Edward Moore and died in Oregon.
John Lawrence also died in Oregon.
My thoughts got away from the census research and why the children were not always with the parents which was a puzzle. I found four of the children in a Catholic Orphanage in Fargo, North Dakota on April 1, 1925. I have not found the 1930 census record for the family yet. As I said before I have not spent much time on this research yet. I do know that Michael James sister Genevieve was known to the family as Jennie. I don't remember anything said about Madison. Edna Filistis was know to the family as Filistis. She was born with a club foot and I remember her living in Idaho in the 1970's. I never met her and have not done research on that line. John Irvin went by the name Irvin. He lived in Montana. There also was a May. Her name might have been Marie or Mary but was known to the family as May. She lived in the state of Washington. There was Lawrence Vincent. He might have taught school somewhere in Texas as I remember. Michael James named his first son, my husband, after his two brothers, Lawrence and Irvin.
There is a lot of research time that needs to be done for the families of John Lawrence Morris and Margaret Tresea O'Connell. I can't even begin to think about John's parents families.

Married/ Related to:

woman Margaret Tresea O'CONNELL‏‎
Born ‎1 Jul 1876, died ‎20 Aug 1967 Deerwood, Crow Wing County, Minnesota‎, 91 years
Margaret's maiden name may have been O'Connell (middle initial "T"), per son Michael James's California death certificate. Or, it may have been Flanigan, per her son John I's California death certificate.


man Michael James MORRIS‏
Born ‎3 Dec 1906 Sherwood, Renville, North Dakota, died ‎15 Oct 1987 Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA‎, 80 years
In the 1930 there is a James Morris, 27, born in North Dakota, a boarder and mechanic in Nashwauk, Itasca County.

In the 1940 census Michael J. Morris, born in North Dakota, is a laborer in Ward, Ravalli, Montana in gardening and farm, associated with no other familiar names. It says his inferred residence in 1935 was Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona.

Michael James Morris's death certificate in California says his mother's maiden name was O'Connell. He was a TEC3, US ARMY, in WWII enlisting 7 Oct 1940. His last residence was 90277 Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA. His Social Security card was issued in Arizona before 1951. His wife's name and dates are on their shared grave plaque.

Debora Weathers says (August 14, 2016) of her brother-in-law:
"Don't be surprised if there are other members of these lines that are found in mental wards of hospitals [other than Lawrence Vincent Morris]. Michael James Morris had breakdowns in the 1970's and was in the VA hospital. The family said it was because of his service in the war. That being said one of his granddaughters has had mental problems that is said to be the results of drug use. That could be the case but I know there are several members of Michael's family that has had various types of serious medical problems. Many times I have wondered about the health dna in the Morris family lines. Maybe Michael James was talking about Irvin when he was telling stories about his brother being a teacher in Texas. Maybe I was confused or Michael was confused! It was a long time ago and the few notes I wrote down about the family was in bits and pieces."
woman Madison Genevieve MORRIS‏‎
Born ‎1907 Wisconsin‎
woman Edna Filistie MORRIS‏‎
Born ‎1910 Hamerly, Renville, North Dakota, USA, died ‎ Idaho
man John Irvin MORRIS‏‎
Born ‎4 Jun 1912 Hamerly, Renville, North Dakota, USA, died ‎24 Apr 1968 Contra Costa, California, USA‎, 55 years
His California death certificate says his mother's maiden name was Flanigan.
woman Mary A E MORRIS‏‎
Born ‎between 1915 and 1917 Hamerly, Renville, North Dakota, USA, died ‎ Washington
woman Rose Cecelia MORRIS‏
Born ‎21 Apr 1917 Hamerly, Renville, North Dakota, USA, died ‎4 Jun 1992 Lincoln, Oregon, USA‎, 75 years
Rose may have also married:
Freeman Hudgins Walls
BIRTH 13 JULY 1913 • Giles County, Tennessee
DEATH 12 MAR 2002 • Joplin, Jasper, Missouri
man Lawrence Vincent MORRIS‏‎
Born ‎Jan 1920 Minnesota, died ‎after 1940‎, at least 20 years
Lawrence was in the St. Peter Hospital, Nicollet County, Minnesota in 1940. His inferred residence in 1935, according to that census, was Crow Wing County.