man Charles Walter O'BRIEN‏‎, son of John Walter O'BRIEN and Mary Ann ROONEY‏.
Born ‎29 Jun 1905 Hobson, Judith Basin, Montana, USA, died ‎7 Apr 1988 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR‎, 82 years
!Gertrude L 1921,22,24 school census records;attested byCo.Supt.Pearl Phillips,1 Jul 1958
!OCCUP:Clipper,lumber mill
!D Cert:D:Providence Medical Center;BUR:Portland MemorialMausoleum D:age 82;6 yr lung cancer

Married ‎15 Mar 1930 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR (58 years married) to:

woman Helen Ilene WILSON‏‎
Born ‎15 Jun 1906 Dufur, Wasco, Oregon, USA‎
!Jean H B.cert.:B 10 mi east of Dufur,OR
!M:Cert:Witnesses-Harry D.Wilson,Mrs.Byron K.Taylor


woman Jean Lorraine O'BRIEN‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER