woman Mary Ann ROONEY‏‎, daughter of John J ROONEY and Sarah Margaret TRACY‏.
Born ‎22 Jan 1877 Sauk Centre, Stearns Co, MN, died ‎10 Aug 1933 Warm Springs, Deer Lodge, Montana‎, 56 years
Mary Ann's parents, John Rooney and Sarah Tracy, were double first cousins: Both their parents were siblings.

Mamie is the daughter of John J Rooney and Sarah Margaret Tracey. She is a sister to Johnny, Thomas, Mosie, Ella Elizabeth, Frances M, Catherine and Edmund A Rooney. Their father died in 1894 in Minnesota and brothers Johnny and Mosie died that year as well.

Mamie married John Walter O'Brien. They are the parents of John D, Helen F, George H, Irene, Ida, Charles, Julia, Raymond and Margaret. Mamie worked as a dressmaker.

Her mother was in care here in 1910 and died in 1911. Her brother, Edmund, was in care here from Dec 1924 until his death in 1931, so they were here at the same time. He, too, is buried here.

Mamie was admitted 6 yr 10 mo 14 days before her death of a strangulated ventral hernia.

Married ‎12 Jul 1897 Lewistown, Fergus Co, Montana (36 years married) to:

man John Walter O'BRIEN‏‎
Born ‎12 Jan 1865 Calis, Maine, died ‎20 Dec 1950 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR‎, 85 years
!Charlott FGR
!B:Milltown or Calis ??
!Jharris M lic.24,Catholic church;vit.D.J.Meagher,ElenorRooney
!1905:B record of Charles states John's age as 44
CEN:1920 US-MT;NA 1886
!His funeral notice;"late of Great Falls,MT"


man John Douglas O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎17 sep 1898 Utica, Judith Basin, Montana, died ‎7 May 1977 Long Beach, Los Angeles, California‎, 78 years, buried ‎9 May 1977 Cypress, Orange, California, USA
!Jean H B:at ranch home
!Apr 1916,joined army,Mex-Am War with Gen.Douglas McArthur
!M:abt age 18;divorced;mother didn't believe in divorce,so hewas estranged from family;his first wife died in 1920s;hetravelled around;finally settled down in 40s and remarried;butleft family;separated;divorced
woman Helen Frances O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎26 May 1900 Lewistown, Fergus Co, Montana, died ‎30 Jun 1981 Clarkston, Asotin, Washington, USA‎, 81 years, buried ‎3 Jul 1981
!Jean H;Her obit,Lewiston TRIBUNE,2 Jul;Gertrude L
!1970:Retired licensed practical nurse
!D:Tri-State Memorial Hosp. D:age 81;infirmities of age
man George Herbert O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎5 Jul 1901 Lewistown, Fergus Co, Montana, died ‎± 1975 California, USA‎, approximately 74 years
!Jean H;Gertrude L
woman Ida Annette O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎19 Dec 1902 Hobson, Judith Basin, Montana, USA, died ‎8 Jan 1959 Olympia, Thurston, Washington‎, 56 years, buried ‎8 Jan 1959
!Jean H;Her d.cert.;Gertrude L
!Was a nurse Served in WW II
!D:St.Peter Hosp. D:age 56;post-op pneumonia due toatelectasis;18 hrs each BUR:Willamate National
woman Irene Maud O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎26 Dec 1904 Hobson, Judith Basin, Montana, USA, died ‎9 Apr 1994 Shelton, Mason, Washington‎, 89 years
!Gertrude L;Jean H Known as Maud
!Was a nurse
man Charles Walter O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎29 Jun 1905 Hobson, Judith Basin, Montana, USA, died ‎7 Apr 1988 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR‎, 82 years
!Gertrude L 1921,22,24 school census records;attested byCo.Supt.Pearl Phillips,1 Jul 1958
!OCCUP:Clipper,lumber mill
!D Cert:D:Providence Medical Center;BUR:Portland MemorialMausoleum D:age 82;6 yr lung cancer
woman Julia Agnes O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎10 Jan 1906 Montana, died ‎between 1984 and 1985 California, USA‎, 78 or 79 years
!Gertrude L;JeanH
!Was a nurse
man Raymond Paul O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎18 Jan 1909 Montana, died ‎Jan 1996 Shelton, Mason, Washington‎, 86 or 87 years
!JeanH;Helen's obit;Gertrude L
!JeanH:Lost his hand as a child. 1981,LIV:Shelton,WA
woman Margaret Winifred O'BRIEN‏
Born ‎7 Feb 1916 Helena, Lewis and Clark, Montana, USA, died ‎2 Jul 1994 Long Beach, Los Angeles, California‎, 78 years, buried ‎16 Jul 1994 Mountains, San Bernadino, San Bernadino, California
!Charlott FGS;Jean H
!Div:Olsen bef 1938;Butler 1993
!LIV.1981:Long Beach,CA
D:cremated;ashes scatterd in mountains