man Thomas T ROONEY‏‎, son of John ROONEY and Mary MCCOOL‏.
Born ‎6 Jan 1859 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎28 Nov 1925 Sedan, Pope Co, MN‎, 66 years, buried ‎2 Dec 1925 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Thomas died at age 66 of heart trouble.

Ellen's grandfather John on the Avon Rooney side, given his date of birth and now in 2017 two instances of DNA matches on Ancestry (including one between David Gaffaney and Andrew Minzghor, who would be a 5C1R), was very probably a brother to Michael Rooney on the Padua Rooney side, making Ellen and her husband Thomas second cousins. That was a stated assumption among the relatives of long ago.

Tom Rooney stuttered except when he swore. He always smoke a pipe. Someone gave him a cigarette, and not being accustomed to it he left it to burn in his mouth. When it got short enough it started burning his whiskers. He said, "Damn your cigarettes!" and never touched another.

Married/ Related to:

woman Ellen E ROONEY‏‎, daughter of William B ROONEY and Bridget HARTIGAN‏.
Born ‎26 Oct 1872 Avon, Stearns, Minnesota, USA, died ‎22 Jun 1902 Sedan, Pope Co, MN‎, 29 years, buried ‎Jun 1902 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Ellen's grandfather John, given his date of birth, was very probably a brother to Michael Rooney ("Daddy Mick"), making her and her husband Thomas second cousins.

Tim Ahles says: "The Ellen Rooney that married Thomas T Rooney (grandson of Daddy Mick), is from the Rooney branch that we often refer to as the "Avon Rooneys." Ellen's parents are William Rooney and Bridget Hartigan. I do not have any records of Ellen's grandparents, but they might be the John Rooney and Helen Hennigan that you mentioned. We have often suspected a connection between our Rooneys and those from Avon but have not yet proven it."

2017: We have now "proven it" through at least two DNA matches in Ancestry between persons on the Padua Rooney branch and one or two on the Avon Rooney Branch (Andrew Minzghor and perhaps one other).

Cause of Death: Childbirth.


woman Mary Agatha ROONEY‏
Born ‎20 Aug 1890 Sedan, Pope Co, MN, died ‎8 Apr 1963 St Wendel, Stearns Co, MN‎, 72 years, buried ‎ St. Columbkille Cemetery, St. Wendel, Stearns Co, MN
man Baby ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎1 Nov 1891 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA, died ‎1 Nov 1891 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA‎, buried ‎Nov 1891 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Dead born.
woman Bridget Estella ROONEY‏
Born ‎8 Mar 1893 Bangor, Pope County, Minnesota, died ‎2 May 1976 Sun Prairie, Dane, Wisconsin‎, 83 years, buried ‎ St. Bernard's Catholic Cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson County, Wisconsin
man William Robert ROONEY‏
Born ‎21 Mar 1893 New York, died ‎28 Oct 1956 Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA‎, 63 years, buried ‎30 Oct 1956 Calvary Cemetery, Duluth, St Louis County, Minnesota
William R. Rooney was an orphan train adoptee from New York and is referred to in Thomas T. Rooney's will as "my foster son." Virgel Egerman's records state not legally adopted.

Roster of the Men and Women Who Served in the Army or Naval Service (Including the Marine Corps) of the United States or its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918 Volume 4 Rich to Zygmond

Name: William Robert Rooney
Army 46,222
Registrant: no
Birth Place: New York City, N. Y.
Birth Date: 21 Mar 1893
Parent's Origin: of Canadian parents
Occupation: express messenger
Comment: enlisted in Company A, 2nd Infantry, North Dakota National Guard, at Minot, on July 14, 1917; called into federal service, World War, on July 15, 1917; served in Company A, 2nd Infantry, North Dakota National Guard, to Oct. 13, 1917; Company D, 164th Infantry, to Jan. 9, 1918; Company B, 18th Infantry, to discharge. Grade: Corporal, Oct. 20, 1918; overseas from Dec. 15, 1917, to Aug. 13, 1919; wounded, severely, July 18, 1918. Engagements: Defensive: Montdidier-Noyon. Offensives: Aisne-Marne; St. Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne. Defensive Sectors: Ansauville and Saizerais (Lorraine); Cantigny (Picardy). Discharged at Camp Lee, Va., on Aug. 17, 1919, as a Corporal. Cited in General Orders No. 5, Headquarters, 1st Infantry Brigade, AEF, Selters, Germany, June 1, 1919, for gallant conduct and self-sacrificing spirit displayed during the battles of Montdidier-Noyon defensive; Aisne-Marne offensive; St. Mihiel offensive; Meuse-Argonne offensive. The success of these engagements was due to the efforts and spirit of the officers and enlisted men engaged. Entitled to wear a silver star.
man William Joseph ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎12 Feb 1895 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA, died ‎18 Feb 1895 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA‎, buried ‎Feb 1895 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Cause of Death (age 6 days): Cramps.
woman Clarinda Ethel ROONEY‏
Born ‎22 Jan 1896 Bangor Township, Pope County, Minnesota, died ‎5 Oct 1938 St Cloud, Stearns Co, MN‎, 42 years, buried ‎ St. Columbkille Cemetery, St. Wendel, Stearns Co, MN
Clarinda joined the convent in 1912 and left before her final vows in 1915. Andy Murphy insists he didn't meet her until the summer of 1916.
woman Female ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎3 Apr 1901 Minnesota, died ‎3 Apr 1901 Minnesota‎, buried ‎Apr 1901 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Died at the age of 1 hour.
man Male ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎2 Jun 1902 Minnesota, died ‎2 Jun 1902 Minnesota‎, buried ‎Jun 1902 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Cause of Death: Dead born.

2nd marriage
man Thomas T ROONEY‏‎, son of John ROONEY and Mary MCCOOL‏.

Married ‎1903 (21 or 22 years married) to:

woman Anna MURPHY‏‎
Born ‎17 Feb 1858 Templeton, West Ottawa, Quebec, Canada, died ‎29 Dec 1943 Padua, Stearns Co, MN‎, 85 years
Anna Murphy, the second wife of Thomas T. Rooney, was the sister of Helen Felling's mother. The 1930 census said she arrived in the U.S. in 1887. She lived in Duluth initially and had no children. She is in the 1895 Minnesota census of Duluth with her sister Bridget Lynott and family and her brother William. She is also in the Duluth city directory living with the Lynott's at 2118 West 4th Street in these years, under the name Hannah, Annie or Anna, and as a dressmaker or seamstress: 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1896, 1897 and 1901.

So the gap years for Anna (or Hannah, as she is most often listed in the Duluth directories) are 1887 - 1890. Anna was not found in the 1900 federal or 1905 Minnesota state censuses, although (as noted above) she is in the 1901 Duluth city directory.

She married Thomas T. Rooney, a widower, in 1907, according to the 1910 census. Thomas is in the 1905 Minnesota state census with only his three children. Anna is also in the 1920 and 1930 censuses of Brooten, Stearns County, Minnesota.