woman Sarah B ROONEY‏‎, daughter of John ROONEY and Mary MCCOOL‏.
Born ‎2 Jan 1851 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can, died ‎11 Jul 1895 Miles City, Custer, Montana‎, 44 years

Married ‎22 May 1869 Hennepin County, Minnesota St. Anthony Padua Church, Minneapolis (26 years married) to:

man John J DARCY‏‎
Born ‎sep 1840 Quebec, Canada, died ‎5 Aug 1926 Miles City, Custer, Montana‎, 85 years
The family is in the 1870 census in Minnesota and the 1880 and 1900 censuses in Miles City, Montana. In the 1880 census, look for "Sarah Darcey."


man Michael Joseph DARCY‏
Born ‎13 Jul 1869 Harford Township, Todd County, Minnesota, died ‎16 Oct 1935 Miles City, Custer, Montana‎, 66 years
Joseph, age 30, is in the 1900 census of Miles City, Montana with his family of origin.

He is sometimes listed as Michael Joseph (as in his marriage certificate) and sometimes as Joseph.
man John James DARCY‏
Born ‎1871 Harford Township, Todd County, Minnesota, died ‎5 Aug 1926 Custer, Montana, USA‎, 54 or 55 years
man Francis C DARCY‏
Born ‎May 1871 Minnesota, died ‎7 Feb 1951 Rochester, Olmsted Co, MN‎, 79 years
Apparently no children.
woman Lillian Mary DARCY‏‎
Born ‎25 Mar 1874 Stearns County, Minnesota, died ‎12 Nov 1932 Miles City, Custer, Montana‎, 58 years
Lillian Darcy founded the first hospital in Miles City, Montana
man Felix Ignatius DARCY‏
Born ‎9 May 1876 Raymond Township, Stearns Co, MN, died ‎6 Feb 1958 Lewistown, Fergus Co, Montana‎, 81 years
woman Sarah Ann DARCY‏
Born ‎2 Feb 1878 Padua, Stearns Co, MN, died ‎20 Mar 1940 Billings, Yellowstone, Montana, USA‎, 62 years
man James Patrick DARCY‏
Born ‎12 Jan 1879 Chester, Wabasha, Minnesota, USA, died ‎15 Dec 1931 Dunn Center, Dunn, North Dakota, USA‎, 52 years
man Peter Emmett DARCY‏‎
Born ‎30 Jan 1884 Montana, died ‎1950 British Columbia, Canada‎, 65 or 66 years
A Peter Emmett Darcy died in British Columbia, Canada in 1950. A Peter Darcy died in Montana 22 Jun 1918.
woman Eva Mary DARCY‏
Born ‎17 sep 1889 Montana, died ‎11 Apr 1982 Douglas, Oregon, USA‎, 92 years
woman Agatha Cuthbert DARCY‏
Born ‎20 Mar 1894 Miles City, Custer, Montana, died ‎24 sep 1986 Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA‎, 92 years
I am Alice Brooks (Mikalan's mom). We work on the Ancestry together.
I am attaching a picture I have that came from my grandma's stuff (I call it the cigar box because that is where we found a bunch of pictures of her family). My Grandmother is Agatha Darcy Vinecore (daughter of John and Sarah Darcy). She was the youngest of their children and her mother, Sarah, died when Agatha was young (a year or less I believe). Agatha was then pretty much raised by her older sister, Sarah (boy....those Sarah's get confusing!!). I have several pictures of the John/Sarah Darcy children that I would be willing to share if you like. Agatha Darcy's name was actually Cuthburt Agatha Darcy and her family called her "Cute" but somewhere along the line she switched it to Agatha Cuthburt Darcy and aside from some very early census, she is listed as Agatha (and went into the military as Agatha Darcy in WWI).

Mary Ann Rooney married Dennis Egan. Mary Ann would have been an aunt to Alice's grandmother Agatha Cuthbert Darcy.