Born ‎19 Apr 1870 Burbank, Kandiyohi Co, MN, died ‎May 1967 Sisseton, Roberts Co, SD‎, 97 years
The family is listed in both the 1910 and 1920 federal censuses as "Batterbury."

Married ‎24 sep 1897 Pope County, Minnesota (55 years married) to:

woman Mary Eleanor EGAN‏‎, daughter of Patrick EGAN and Elenor ROONEY‏.
Born ‎8 Dec 1870 Low, Quebec, Canada, died ‎15 Jun 1953 Sisseton, Roberts Co, SD‎, 82 years
Baptismal sponsors: Martine Gannon & Mary Quinn.

The 1880 U.S. Federal census has Eliza two years older than Mary, so the 1870 date must be correct: The 1871 census of Canada indicates that her birth was Dec 1870, and her gravestone shows she was born in 1870.


woman Eleanor Hannah BATTERBERRY‏
Born ‎27 Nov 1900 Sissteon, Roberts County, South Dakota, died ‎30 Dec 1995 Orange, California, USA‎, 95 years
man William Jennings BATTERBERRY‏
Born ‎1902 Effington, South Dakota, died ‎Jan 1986 Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey, USA‎, 83 or 84 years
Born ‎20 Nov 1904 Roberts, South Dakota, died ‎21 Oct 1985 St Louis, St Louis, MO‎, 80 years
"Rhys" is the spelling of his name in both the 1910 and 1920 federal censuses.
woman Genevieve BATTERBERRY‏‎
Born ‎1 sep 1908 Sisseton, Roberts Co, SD, died ‎Jan 1983 Encinitas, San Diego, California, USA‎, 74 years
Her birth surname did not change as of the 1945 South Dakota state census, where she was still in Sisseton, and at her death in California. I assume therefore that she didn't marry. She and Julia were twins. They both died in San Diego County, California.
woman Julia BATTERBERRY‏
Born ‎1 sep 1908 South Dakota, died ‎28 Feb 1988 Oceanside, San Diego, California, USA‎, 79 years
Julia and Genevieve were twins. They both died in San Diego County, California.
Julia and Ted had children (as did all the siblings except Genevieve), according to a niece of Julia's, Anne B. Walsh.