man Joseph Patrick ROONEY‏‎, son of Michael ROONEY and Maria TRACY‏.
Born ‎31 Dec 1855 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada, died ‎14 Oct 1921 St. Louis Co., Minnesota‎, 65 years
The family came from Canada in 1899, according to the 1900 census (under the name "Romney") in Virginia, Minnesota. There were 8 children born of which 8 are alive. The 1910 census says they immigrated in 1898. All eight of the children (one to be born) are listed in the June 1905 Minnesota State census in "Missabe Mountain," St. Louis County, Minnesota. They're in the 1910 census under the name "Romey" in Virginia with nine children (out of 10, one having died). Joseph Patrick is a bartender.

Married ‎4 May 1886 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (35 years married) to:

woman Johanna FIELDS‏‎
Born ‎20 Oct 1862 Fieldville, Quebec, Canada, died ‎31 Oct 1940 St Louis County, Minnesota‎, 78 years
She was living in Virginia, Minnesota in the 1940 census, so presumably died there.


woman Mary Helena ROONEY‏
Born ‎Jan 1887 Wakefield, Quebec, Canada, died ‎after 1910 United States‎, at least 23 years
man Michael Thomas ROONEY‏
Born ‎20 May 1888 Farrelton, Quebec, Canada, died ‎6 Feb 1959 Virginia, St. Louis County, Minnesota‎, 70 years
He emigrated to the U. S. in 1898. He's in the 1930 and 1940 census in Virginia, Minnesota, occupation firefighter.
woman Honora Agnes May ROONEY‏
Born ‎6 May 1890 Wakefield, Quebec, Canada, died ‎31 Oct 1981 New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada‎, 91 years
woman Ellen Rose ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎Mar 1892 Farrellton, Quebec, Canada, died ‎after 1910 United States‎, at least 18 years
Nellie R is a stenographer in Virginia in 1915. Three of her siblings are also listed.
woman Elizabeth C ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎Jun 1894 Farrellton, Quebec, Canada, died ‎after 1910 United States‎, at least 16 years
man William Richard ROONEY‏
Born ‎9 Jun 1896 Canada, died ‎13 Jan 1988 North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California‎, 91 years
In the 1920 census, he's in Virginia, St. Louis County, with the family. In 1926 he got married and in 1930 he's in Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin with his wife Blanche and niece Elizabeth Jean (or Betty Jane) Larson, born in Wisconsin in 1926. It's possible his wife's maiden name was Larson, or one of four sisters married a Larson, and then she died. In doing searches under the name Larson for his sisters, nothing comes up. In 1940 they're in Milwaukee. And William and Blanche both die in California. He was in the Navy in both world wars.
man Joseph Patrick Francis ROONEY‏
Born ‎28 Aug 1898 Farrellton, Quebec, Canada, died ‎4 Mar 1979 St Louis County, Minnesota‎, 80 years
Joseph arrived in the U.S. about 1901.
man Henry John ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎23 Mar 1900 St Louis County, Minnesota, died ‎after 1918 United States‎, at least 18 years
Henry was living in Virginia in 1918 when he registered for the WWI draft.
woman Margaret Mary ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎4 May 1906 St. Louis County, Minnesota, died ‎ United States