man Harold Vincent ROONEY‏‎, son of John Charles ROONEY and Elizabeth SCHAEFER‏.
Born ‎26 May 1915 Bangor, Pope County, Minnesota, died ‎29 Jan 1961 Macon, Bibb County, Georgia‎, 45 years
Harold and Hester Mae were married in St Joseph's church. He received a bronze star and a purple heart in the military.

Married ‎9 Feb 1949 Macon, GA
or 15 apr 1939
(11 years married) to:

woman Hester Mae BRIDGES‏‎
Born ‎28 Dec 1922, died ‎9 Feb 1986 Macon, Bibb County, Georgia‎, 63 years


man Lester Vincent ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎14 Feb 1949 Georgia, died ‎23 Dec 1911 Byron, Peach County, Georgia‎, -38 years
woman Charlene Maria ROONEY‏ PRIVACY FILTER