man Michael ROONEY‏‎
Born ‎1783 Ireland, died ‎12 Jan 1857 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada‎, 73 or 74 years, buried ‎Jan 1857 Farrellton, Quebec, Can
Michael Rooney and Catherine Caulfield emigrated to Canada around 1845 (although there are land records showing Rooney's in the Canada farm census of 1841). In their 60's, they followed several of their grown children, the earliest who was in Canada by 1829. They settled in the Gatineau River region of Quebec, north of Ottawa, near the town of Farrelton (present day La Pêche).
The two oldest boys - Patrick (b. 1808) and Michael (b. 1809) - had their own farms in Canada. They also probably did some contract lumbering as this region was rich in lumber and this was the heyday of lumber being shipped by boat to Great Britain.

Michael and Catherine's grandson Thomas T. Rooney, son of John R. Rooney (1854-1925), was possibly a second cousin to his wife Ellen E Rooney (1872-1902). Her grandfather, John Rooney, would have been born at an age to be a brother to Daddy Mick. John's descendants coincidentally fit into the Michael and Catherine Rooney line when a granddaughter married married a Daddy Mick Rooney grandson.

As of 2017, it has been proven by finding DNA matches on Ancestry between the Padua Rooney branch and descendants of the Avon Rooney branch. However, the exact connection is still to be determined.

The Egan's and Rooney's intermarried eight times (all of the couples dying in Pope or Stearns County):

James Rooney (1848-1926)
Ann Egan (1846-1914)

Mary Ann Rooney (1865-1937)
Dennis Egan (1849->1910)

William Edward Rooney (1897-1980)
Mary Emily Egan (1897-1990). Mary was an orphan train adoptee, so not genetically an Egan or a Rooney, even though her "grandfather" was John R. Rooney. Also, her husband William Edward Rooney was one of the "Avon Rooney's." Though not genetically an Egan or a Rooney, even though her "great grandfather" was Michael Rooney on the Padua side, she married William Edward Rooney whose great grandfather was John Rooney the Avon side. Thus by prior relationship they were 3rd cousins, but unrelated by consanguinity.

Mary Rooney (1837-1905)
James Egan (1826-1912)

Eleanor Rooney (1842-1902)
Patrick Egan (1833-1892)

Elizabeth A Rooney (1866-1904) (first-cousin once-removed to her husband)
Thomas Edward Egan (1862-1928)

Martin Gannon (1848-1911) (son of Mary Egan and grandson of Thomas B Egan)
Catherine Kilroe (1859->1940) (granddaughter of Bridget Rooney and great granddaughter of Daddy Mick/Mammy Kitty Rooney)

Daniel Michael Rooney (1955-2014) was related to his wife, Karen Ann Majerus (1957-living): His great great grandparents were Michael and Catherine Rooney, while Karen's 4x great grandparents were Michael and Catherine. Thus, they were third cousins twice-removed. Also, Karen is an Egan descendent as well.

Including the three cousin marriages listed just above, there are these additional three:

In 1877, Sarah Margaret Tracy, daughter of Ann Rooney, married her first cousin, John J. Rooney, son of Patrick Rooney.

In 1888, Hugh M. Rooney married his first cousin, Winifred Sophia Rooney.

In about 1889, Thomas T. Rooney of the Padua Rooney branch married his second cousin, Ellen E. Rooney, of the Avon Rooney branch.

Randy Rooney says (May 2016):

"I have been in contact with my closest Y-DNA result match who has a genetic distance of 1 out of the 37 markers I had tested. His great grandfather, Patrick [Rooney] b. ~1845, was from Dundalk, County Louth , just south of County Down. Is it possible that we aren't finding Rooney's in the area of Parish Moore since Michael wasn't from that part of Ireland, but just started his family there because Catherine was from there? And if Michael didn't have strong family ties to the area, did that prompt their emigration from Ireland. It seems reasonable they lived near Parish Moore at one time if Thomas married Ellen Ward there, and Michael/Catherine are listed as being from Co. Galway on the Canadian marriage record of John Rooney/Mary McCool. However, what else is known about where they had lived prior to Canada? The more we learn, the more questions there seem to be…"

Earlier in his email Randy said: "Clonburren and Moore South graveyards, [the two others besides the Kilbegley Cemetery associated with the Parish of Moore in Roscommon], have been completed already [cleaning, reading and photographing old monuments], so you can see what Kilbegley eventually will include. I found the Moore South graveyard interesting since there were many Caulfield's, but no Rooney's."
Ten Caulfield's, to be exact.

July, 2017:

Looking at Geraldine Felling Walsh's Ancestry DNA pages. She and her siblings and several of her living first cousins are closer to the Rooney ancestors genetically than are any of the rest of us. There are a number of people related to her that have a Rooney in their family tree, but those Rooney's have no known connection to us. The furtherest ancestor any of them listed could be as close as a first cousin or a nephew or niece to "Daddy Mick." They appear so far to come from either Leitrim or Mayo in Ireland. Maybe they are from a "Leitrim" branch?

Married/ Related to:

woman Catherine CAULFIELD‏‎
Born ‎1784 Ireland, died ‎17 Feb 1875 Padua, Stearns Co, MN‎, 90 or 91 years, buried ‎Feb 1875 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
After "Daddy Mick" died in 1857 and was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Farrelton, Mammie Kitty emigrated to the U.S.A. with eight of her nine grown children and their families. They came first to St. Anthony Falls, site the present-day Minneapolis, which was so small it could be covered in a half hour by horse and buggy. Later they moved to Stearns County, Raymond Township - a place at first called "Rooneys' Settlement, later called Padua, between 1865 and 1870.

Ambrose Rooney said that his father used to talk about "Grandma Kitty " and thought that there was something funny about her. Ambrose Gaffaney said his mother used to talk about a lady who smoked a pipe (Mary McCool, wife of John Rooney, smoked a pipe; Marilyn Rooney Lysen is now in possession of the pipe).


woman Bridget ROONEY‏
Born ‎± 1806 Ireland, died ‎sep 1879‎, approximately 73 years
man Patrick ROONEY‏
Born ‎2 Feb 1808 Ireland, died ‎9 Apr 1889 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA‎, 81 years, buried ‎Apr 1889 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Cause of death: Old age
man Michael ROONEY‏
Born ‎1809 Galway, Ireland, died ‎6 May 1878 Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada‎, 68 or 69 years, buried ‎ Farrellton, Quebec, Can
man Thomas ROONEY‏
Born ‎17 Mar 1817 Athlone, Roscommon Co, Ireland, died ‎23 Apr 1897 Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA‎, 80 years, buried ‎Apr 1897 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Thomas Rooney

Died, at his home in Bangor Friday evening April 23rd, Thomas Rooney, aged 83 years. Deceased was born near Athlone, County Roscommon, Ireland in 1814 [his gravestone says he was born in 1817]. In 1847 he emigrated to Canada, settling near the Gatineau river, where he remained until 1867 when he removed to Raymond township, Stearns county, Minn. in which place and in Bangor, Pope county he resided until his death. His death was caused by cancer of the throat which the best available medical skill sought to overcome in vain. The last six months of his life were months of intense suffering which death alone had the power to allay. The funeral services were held from the Raymond Church on Sunday and the large procession which followed his remains thither was an indication of the high esteem in which he was held. Whole souled kindness and benevolent affection made him an ever welcome gue t where-ever he went and those who knew him best will be saddest for his departure from this world. A wife, three sons, Michael, John, and Thomas and two daughters, Winifred and Mary, are left to mourn his death, and scores of relatives and friends will cherish his memory through life.

Glenwood Herald, April 30, 1897.

Geraldine says, "The 26 hour shoeless walk in 1844 from Parish Moore to Sligo for my great grandfather Thomas, his sister Catherine and the two wee boys must have been a nightmare."

Geraldine writes: "Thomas Rooney, Jr obit says he came from Canada with his family to Getty Grove in 1871. So Thomas and Bridget could have been in Minneapolis from 1867 to 1871. [I cannot for the life of me find them in this period, after spending quite a few hours doing lots of searches - David.]
"I'm wondering is it possible to check church/government death records in both Canada and Minnesota to see if another child was born to Thomas and Bridget between 1867 and 1871 but did not survive.
If we located a child, we can maybe get a better date for when they came to Minnesota.
"We know definitely Thomas & Bridget were in MN in 1871 as their last living child, Mary Ann, is born in Raymond Township on Sept 1, 1871."

The family is listed in the 1875 Minnesota state census in Raymond Township, Stearns County with all the other Rooney's and relatives.

Emigration ... Parish Moore to Sligo to Liverpool to Grosse Isle to Ottawa
Thomas Rooney, his sons Michael & John and his sister, Catherine Rooney
Departed Liverpool (via Sligo) 9/13/1847
Arrived Ottawa 11/01/1847
Thomas Rooney's younger son, Baby John, died on the voyage. Deplorable ship conditions.
Ship: the Lord Ashburton
woman Ann ROONEY‏
Born ‎1818 Ireland, died ‎1897 Stearns County, Minnesota‎, 78 or 79 years
man John ROONEY‏
Born ‎24 Jun 1820 Galway, Ireland, died ‎19 May 1880 Padua, Stearns Co, MN‎, 59 years
The 1844 John R. Rooney and Mary McCool marriage record at St. Paul's Catholic church, Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada:

"The sixteenth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, after the banns of marriage have been once published at the parish (place?) of the mass of our mission between John Rooney of Wakefield son of age of Michael Rooney and Catherine Caufield [or Callfield], County Galway in Ireland, on the one part, and Mary McCool of Hull, daughter under age of the late Michael McCool and of the late Sarah Flannigan [or Flanigan] on the other part; no impediment having been discovered and whereas the publication of two bans has been by us granted in virtue of our powers, we the undersigned priest missionary have received their mutual consent to marriage and have given them the nuptial benediction in presence of Eliza Paul, James McCool, James Cassidy and Bernard Cassidy, who as well as the parties have declared they could not sign.
J. Desantels, priest"

This family, through Sarah, is in the 1851 Canada census of Quebec (Canada East), Ottawa (county), Wakefield. The family through Thomas (8 kids) is in the 1861 census of Canada, Township of Wakefield. Next to him is his brother Thomas Rooney and Bridget and their three children (the oldest being from Thomas's first wife).

Sometime during 1865 or 1866 the family moved to Minnesota. They we're found in the 1865 Minnesota state census.

[There's a John Rooney in the 1869 Minneapolis city directory as a laborer, living between Helen and Oregon streets, which are the 2nd and 3rd streets south of Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. Minneapolis and St. Anthony were joined in 1872 under the name Minneapolis. He is more likely to have lived in St. Anthony, so this one may not be related.]

John and family are in Raymond Township, Stearns County in 1870.

Helen Felling's papers: John Rooney (the father) left with a team of oxen to get [or to sell] a load of seed wheat about a mile north of his home. His wagon tipped over and the sacks of grain smothered him [he was found dead buried under the load]. He is listed in the 1880 federal mortality schedule of deaths in Stearns county, the cause of which is listed as "accidental." The Sauk Centre Herald reports this on May 28, 1880.
woman Mary ROONEY‏
Born ‎± 1823 Ireland, died ‎after 1875 United States‎
Mary Rooney
daughter of Daddy Mick and Mammy Kitty

Mary Rooney and her husband Michael "Coolahan" are listed as parents in the baptismal record of their daughter Mary Jane, born 16 June 1855, at St. Camillus Church in Quebec. The family is also listed in the 1870 and 1875 censuses of Raymond Township, Stearns County, Minnesota with the surname spelled "Colahan."

This family is listed near to these families in the Raymond Township censuses: Rooney, Tracy, Killan (sic), Eagan (sic). So by proximity it would make sense that this is Mary of the Rooney clan.

In searching for the family under the census surname spelling and other variations, only one spelling comes up that matches any members of the family, and that is "Colehan."


Michael Colehan, the father, is in the 1880 city directory of San Francisco as a mason, alongside "Miss Kate," a milliner, and "Miss Mary J.," a teacher. I have found nothing about his wife Mary (Rooney) beyond the 1875 census.


In the voter register for Alameda County, California for 1886, Thomas Steve Colehan and Daniel Michael Colehan are listed next to each other. They're both laborers in Livermore (a town just a bit southeast of San Francisco and Oakland), and the location of their births is listed correctly (Canada and Missouri). Their middle names are something new here. Their ages are approximately correct: 29 and 21.

Daniel is listed again in the 1892 Napa, California voter registration ("Stephen" is his full middle name there). He's also in the 1894, 1896 and 1898 voter registration list of Alameda, California (the only one of that surname), and his age in 1898 is given as 43, which corresponds to his probable correct birth date of 1855. His eyes are grey and his hair brown and he's a citizen by naturalization of his father.

In the 1910 census of Murray Township, Alameda County, California, Daniel Colehan, born in Canada, is a laborer at odd jobs, single. Next o him is his sister "Katherine," age 62, single, born in Ireland and immigrated (presumably to the U.S.) in 1864. The other two sisters are not listed.

Somewhere between 1912 and 1917 Daniel is listed as retired and in the St. Joseph Home in Stockton and is a Democrat politically. There are no siblings with him. Daniel is still in the St. Joseph Home in 1920, and that's the last record found for him.

Catherine, Mary Jane and Eliza

Daniel, Mary and Eliza are in the 1894 Oakland directory, Miss Eliza Colehan as a teacher and Miss Mary Colehan as a teacher at Laddsville. So neither of the sisters is married.

In the 1900 city directory of Oakland, California are listed Daniel as a laborer and next to him "Miss E. A. Colehan, teacher at Harris School," and "Miss Mary Colehan, teacher."

As mentioned before, in the 1910 census of Murray Township, Alameda County, California, Daniel Colehan, born in Canada, is a laborer at odd jobs, single. Next to him is his sister "Katherine," age 62, single, born in Ireland and immigrated (presumably to the U.S.) in 1864. The two other sisters are not listed.

None of these children are listed in cemetery records on "Find a Grave." A California Death Record index entry for only one of the siblings, Mary J. Colehan, died May 29, 1926 in San Joaquin, California, was found.


Thomas Colehan first shows up as a 17-year-old sheepherder in the 1880 census of Alameda, Murray County, California. It says he was born in Missouri and his parents in Ireland.

As noted above, Thomas Stephen and Daniel Michael Coleman are next to each other in the voter register for Alameda County, California for 1886. They're both laborers in Livermore, and they have their location of births listed correctly (Canada and Missouri).

From at least 1902 to about 1910, there are a dozen short articles about Thomas in the Reno Evening Gazette, the Nevada State Journal and the Oakland Tribune. Thomas is the majority owner in either a silver or a gold mine (Colehan Mining Company of Tonopah, Nevada in Gold Mountain), he makes prospecting trips to Alaska and Siberia, visits friends in Mexico, makes trips to the east coast looking for investors, and seems to be quite wealthy. Tonopah is almost straight east of San Francisco. Sometime before 1910, however, one newspaper points out that though Thomas is no longer poor, "he held on too long in the boom times" to those stock certificates and his wealth is considerably reduced.

In March 1905 Thomas married Narcisse Newton Cohart in Vancouver, British Columbia. He had met her 20 years before while they were students in the St. Cloud (Minn.) Normal school. She was from Covington, Kentucky. In the meantime she had married James I. Cohart, a planter from South Carolina, and he died in 1903. I could not find anything more about her or her former husband. She presumably died before 1920.

In the January 10, 1920 federal census of the Divide Mining District, Esmeralda, Nevada, Thomas, age 55 and widowed, is a lodger and a mine manager in the silver prospect business. It says he was born in Missouri (correctly) and that his parents were born in New York (incorrectly).

Later in the year, on July 20, 1920, Thomas marries again, a widoweds chool teacher named Dorothy Milton Wigstead (in some places spelled Wigstad). Their marriage certificate indicates (erroneously) that he is single (that is, not widowed) and correctly states that his father's name was M. Colehan and his mother's name was Mary Rooney. Dorothy was previously married to Daniel Milton, and the two of them adopted an infant boy, Leslie, in 1910 and then Daniel promptly died. (Dorothy's family trees on the Internet ignore the fact that she married Thomas.) Dorothy is shown in the January 1920 census as being widowed – this would have been from Daniel Wigstead – and again in the 1930 census (this time from Thomas Colehan), retaining her Wigstead last name in both cases. Presumably that Thomas died during the decade of the 20s.

With the exception of Thomas's two marriages, none of the other Colehan children married and none had children of their own.
woman Catherine E ROONEY‏
Born ‎1826 Clare, Ireland, died ‎31 Jan 1901 Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada‎, 74 or 75 years, buried ‎7 Feb 1901 Padua, Stearns Co, MN
Geraldine Felling Walsh:
"The 26 hour shoeless walk in 1844 from Parish Moore to Sligo for my great grandfather Thomas, his sister Catherine and the two wee boys must have been a nightmare… I continue to wonder about Catherine. Why was Catherine still in Ireland if her parents went much earlier to Canada? Why would Catherine, one of the younger members (and a female) not travel with her parents? Possible reasons:
"She was ill; she was in love with a local man and didn't want to go; she was the babysitter for Thomas' children. Perhaps Thomas' wife was sickly and they needed Catherine. To further add to the mystery, my genealogical record shows Catherine being born in County Clare!!! AND IT SHOWS HER DYING IN Cranbrook, B.C.
Now I know Thomas' sister Catherine is buried in the Padua Cemetery so something is definitely wrong with this family record."

David Gaffaney:
The children of Catherine and Patrick Killeen were born in Canada, except for Michael, who was born in New York, and Lizzie, who was born in Minnesota. The family apparently went back to Canada after having lived in New York and then re-entered the U.S. and settled in Minnesota.
In her last years, Catherine lived with her daughter Lizzie (Mrs. Thomas C.) Armstrong in Fort Steele, British Columbia where she died at the age of 74 and Lizzie took her body back to Minnesota for burial in 1901.
[In the 1880 census of Raymond Township, Stearns County, Minnesota, Catherine and her husband are both listed as the same age, and we have his birth year as 1826. She died in January at the age of 74, and it's most likely that her 75th birthday would have occurred some time later in the year, confirming that her birth year was 1826. Also, I don't know where the County Clare birth comes from. Seems more likely to have been Galway or Roscommon.]
Cause of death was heart failure caused by the severeness of an attack of la grippe.
Fort Steele and Cranbrook, B.C. are within a few miles of each other, along a road going northeast out of Idaho.

Fourth cousin Jill DaSilva (, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2/10/2016:
Patrick Bunam KILLEEN and Catherine ROONEY were my 2nd great grandparents. Their youngest daughter, Bridget Elizabeth KILLEEN or (Elizabeth Bridget depending on what record you find) was my great grandmother. She married Thomas Charles ARMSTRONG, a tinsmith, who had been born in Ontario. They met in Minnesota, then moved to Montana and then to Fort Steele, British Columbia, then Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Catherine (Rooney) KILLEEN, died of influenza in Cranbrook, British Columbia, and Thomas, who adored her, built a tin-lined coffin and shipped her body back to Padua, Minnesota so she could be buried there.
There is a facsimile of Thomas's tinsmith shop built at Fort Steele, which is a historic town. My sisters and I, as kids, used to play in the buildings when it was just a ghost town. The shop contains a few items that he built, and there are some remnants of his work in nearby churches and towns.
man Hugh ROONEY‏
Born ‎± 1828 Ireland, died ‎1880 Miles City, Custer, Montana‎, approximately 52 years
Hugh and Ann are in the 17 June 1870 census of Raymond Township, Stearns County, Minnesota. He is 45 and she is 35. Living with them is Catherine Rooney (Mammy Kitty), age 85.

Hugh and Ann are in the June 5, 1880 census of Miles City, Custer County, Montana. He is 53 and she is 37. Living with them is Joe Rooney, age 11, who was born in "Dakotah" and his parents in Spain. He was either an adopted son or foster child. Hugh and Anna had no children themselves.

Hugh's last will & testimony was signed on 17 June 1880 in Miles City, Montana. On 8 Nov 1880, a probate judge signed off on Ann Rooney being the executor of the will since Hugh was deceased. The exact date of Hugh's death is unknown at this time. No death or burial information has been located.